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Hi! How can I help you?

Coronavirus update
Right now, I can offer you sessions via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Stay safe!

How is it for you - the "second lockdown"?
For some of us, this is an unprecedented time of stress: working from home; children on/off school and needing attention (or sometimes schooling!); struggling for time out from conflicting demands; confined space and difficult relationships; anxieties about income; futures... Some of us are thrown back upon ourselves, with less structure, fewer contacts with others, more time to reflect, or brood, too much solitude... Some of us are finding this time is challenging us about who we are - what life is for - what really matters...
And you? How is it for you? Are you looking for help? Can I offer you the reflective space you need to meet the lockdown challenges?

You know how it is...
Life can be challenging sometimes. Painful, even. You can feel so flummoxed that there must be someone to help you sort it out, to help you find a way forward. So what can I do for you?

It starts with listening. With being heard and understood. Deeply. Then we can begin to see clearly what the options are - choices, challenges, changes...

I'm Klaus Heinrich...

After graduating in Psychology in Leicester (1973), I gained a teaching qualification, taught, and later studied with the British Association of Psychotherapists (1979-82).

I've been working in Leicester and Leicestershire as an accredited counsellor/psychotherapist since 1986; accredited supervisor since 2001; life coach since 2007. I've lived in Kibworth since 2004. I've worked privately and in secondary, further and higher education. They have been great places for me to learn about diversity, different abilities, and anti-discriminatory practice.

I do my therapy/counselling/life coaching/supervision from home in Kibworth (LE8), 10 miles South East of Leicester and within easy reach (and on bus routes) from Leicester, Market Harborough, Oadby, Great Glen, Fleckney, Wigston and surrounding villages.

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What I can help you with

I've worked a lot with people experiencing

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • trauma
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • bereavement and loss
  • identity issues
  • self-esteem
  • communication issues
  • wanting more from life
  • alcohol issues
  • marriage issues
  • eco-anxiety
  • ecological grief
  • death anxiety

    Counselling or therapy gives us the chance to stop and get curious about feelings we'd rather avoid. What's this anxiety about..? What's triggered this ‘depression'? etc. From this curiosity we can develop insight and resilience.

  • Rates and access

    I charge £50 per session (50 minutes) for individual work; couples work is £60 per 60 minute session.

    My practice is on the ground floor, but I don't have a ground floor loo, just in case you have mobility issues.


    "The best technique I learned from you was the "safe place" - it allowed me to remember happier times and prove that I could get back to that. More than any techniques though was just having someone who would listen and understand how I was feeling, and accept what I was saying without always having to justify why that was the case."

    "The masterfully simple way that you have steered me towards an inner calm / balance, greater awareness and an evolving compassion is awesome and I'm extremely grateful."

    “I had social anxiety regarding an upcoming teaching role. Klaus respectfully and methodically attended to my concerns and taught me how to apply EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Since this single consultation with him, there has only been one occasion wherein I needed to briefly apply the ‘tapping technique’ because I have otherwise felt confident and in control of my anxiety. This is a skill Klaus has taught me for life.”
    - Andrew M. PhD

    "Today was immensely helpful to me feeling some serenity with the workspace. I feel more professional again and less overwhelmed with the dynamics. You also did some GREAT modelling, for me to think about in my work with clients."
    ME, (Counsellor)


    Virtual Connection - Bodily Hugs?!

    Especially during the pandemic, many of us are short on hugs. This leaves us with a dearth of the 'happy hormones' which kind human touch releases. Oxytocin is one of those, which is released when we connect physically with another person (or indeed with an animal, like a pet we can stroke). Touching and touched by someone with a sense of security and feeling wanted, loved and happy, our wellbeing is enhanced.

    The amazing thing is that our nervous system responds in the same way to an imagined stimulus as it does to the real thing! (That's why we respond to the thrills and spills in movies as though we were in the action - until we remind ourselves that "it's just a movie"!)

    This means that we can trigger our oxytocin by acts of imagination.

    So - try this -

    Find a safe place and moment where you can close your eyes.
    Standing or sitting up straight, take your left hand round across your chest, down the right hand side of your back, and place that left hand on the kidney area. Feel the warmth.
    Then, likewise take your right hand across the front of your body and bring it onto your back on the left; again, feel that hand's warmth, now on your left kidney.
    Wriggle your fingers a little nearer to each other on your back.
    Bring someone to mind with whom you'd like to exchange a hug. Imagine you're hugging them, rather than yourself; imagine that it's their hands you can feel warming your back. Allow yourself to really inhabit this imagined reality.
    Stay with it as long as you want to.
    When you stop, allow yourself to notice any changes to your state (see in Blogstore below about 'state').
    (With thanks to Kim Woods, yoga teacher, for the inspiration for this piece.)
    Nov '20


    "Supervision sits at the heart of all therapy." (Andrew Reeves, BACP, 2018)

    Experienced counsellor/therapist, looking for supervision? Check out my supervision page.

    Supervision Testimonial
    "Klaus helped me to gain confidence in my own skills as a therapist, by using the supervisory relationship to explore how I could draw upon all aspects of my previous therapy/counselling trainings. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a knowledgeable and experienced counsellor and supervisor."
    JM, Supervisee

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